Environmental Policy Statement


The Company is committed to operate with absolute responsibility and respect for the environment and the society. Sound environmental management of production and storage installations is one of our most important targets and is absolutely essential to the sustainability of our activities.

All employees in the Company must understand and adhere to the following environmental policy:

1. Always operate in compliance with applicable national and EU environmental legislation, as well as with the specific environmental operational terms of each plant, and comply all environmental emission limits (water effluents and air emissions).

2. Operate responsibly, having full knowledge of our environmental impacts, to assess the environmental and production process risks and set up mechanisms for monitoring the environmental aspects.

3. Set targets of the company's environmental management system, as well as goals for continuously improving of our environmental performance and minimization of our environmental footprint whenever possible. Train our employees so that they participate actively in environmental management issues and understand the Company's targets.

4. Cooperate exclusively with properly licensed contractors for the management of the generated wastes by giving priority to compatible methods according to the principles of the circular economy.

5. Ensure the separate sorting and storage of all hazardous and non-hazardous wastes in discrete areas with appropriate labelling, taking all precautionary measures so that the environment is adequately protected.

6. Take all necessary preventive measures to ensure environmental protection (ie. secondary containment) for the storage of hazardous substances/materials (fuels, lubricants, solvents, etc.).

7. On a regular basis, a self-assessment audit of the environmental performance has to be performed according to the Company's assessment criteria (scorecard).

8. Operate in a state of absolute transparency and participate in an open dialogue on environmental issues with all our stakeholders.

Environmental Policy 2017